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    Cullman High School is a public education school for students in grades 9 - 12.  We are a part of the Cullman City School System, Cullman, Alabama.

    Cullman High School strives to consistently communicate and model our mission statement - "Inspiring Students for Lifelong Success - Through Character, Citizenship, and Scholarship." In alignment with the Cullman City School System's purpose statement, we are preparing youth to be well-adjusted citizens who make positive contributions to a democratic society. Cullman High School is committed to providing a learning environment and school program that will foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of each child to his or her greatest potential. The curriculum is sound in academic requirements, stressing basic skills, awareness of the technologies of an ever-changing world, vocational skills, and an appreciation of the fine arts. Each individual is afforded the opportunity to develop an open mind, inquiring attitude, positive self-esteem, and healthy lifestyle in order to think creatively, critically, and analytically and to become a constructive, independent citizen with self-worth and dignity. Each student is recognized as an individual with varying needs, interests, learning capacities, talents, and aspirations. The curricula and extra-curricular opportunities are adapted and a variety of teaching methods and materials are utilized in order to meet individual needs. Cullman High School serves as a center for the educational, recreational, and cultural interests of the community. It prepares young people to take their places in the life of the community as worthwhile, contributing citizens, to occupy places of leadership, and to perpetuate the principles of the American way of life. The school and the community work together to accomplish these endeavors.

    The high school enrollment in grades 9-12 is held at stable numbers, about 990 students, through the admission of non-district students. In recent years, the poverty rate has increased from twelve percent to about 16 percent.

    According to the FY 2021 report issued by the Alabama State Department of Education, the Cullman City Schools per-pupil expenditure was $10,545, with 62% state funding, 13% federal and 24% local funds. 

    The CHS State Report Card for the 2021 - 2022 school year reflects the following demographics: 94% white, 2.43% two or more races, 8.9% Hispanic, 0.5% Black or African American. 

    Contact Us: 510 13th Street NE, Cullman, Alabama 35055

    Phone: 256.734-3923  -  Fax: 256.734.9570

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