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  • Welcome to the Cullman High School Bearcat Store. We strive to meet the needs of our Students, Faculty, and Community by offering quality Under Armour Cullman apparel. Items and availability change frequently but we do our best to meet the needs of our fans by keeping an updated inventory list. Items can be purchased at CHS during normal school hours. (M-F 8am-3pm) Payments accepted are cash, check, or online.

    Please, email for more information before purchasing through the online payment option. 

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Light gray boonie hat with gold Cullman C monogrammed

What's Available?

  • Please remember, inventory changes frequently, check with Mr. Sparks for availability.

    Items pictured have limited availability. Please check with Mr. Sparks.


assorted visors:  black or white with Bearcats or Cullman monogrammed
Dark gray boonie hat with Gold C monogrammed