Board Game Initiative

  • (transcript)  Cullman City Primary School is part of the Cullman City School system.  At CCPS, we have pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade students.  We implemented a monthly school wide board game day to increase students' communication and social skills. 

     With financial help from the PTO, teachers met and decided on age appropriate board games for students.  On purpose, there were no technology games purchased for this project.  The goal for project was to instill social and communication skills by playing "old fashioned" board games.  Teachers introduced a game a week to the students and asked parents and community members to come once a month to play with the students.  This project not only increased students' communication and social skills but a recent survey indicated that students' questioning, turn taking and cooperation skills have improved throughout the year, CCPS monthly Board Game Day promotes stakeholder involvement and helps students' cognitive and social skills.  Playing games is a win for everyone!