Special Activities

Board Game Day

Mrs. Culpepper at Board Game Day
  • Cullman City Primary School implemented a monthly school wide board game day for the 2016-2017 school year. This program was so successful, we have continued having it each year.  Originally, the project was developed to increase students’ communication and social skills. However, this project quickly became a more far reaching venture.

    With financial help from the CCPS PTO, teachers met and decided on age appropriate board games for students. Many of the games are the same in kindergarten and first grade, with slightly more difficult games being available in first grade. On purpose, there were no technology games purchased for this project. The goal for the project was to instill social and communication skills that the teachers felt would be achieved through “old fashioned” board games. Teachers introduced a game a week to the students and many classrooms asked parents and community members to come once a month to play with the students.

    The project and its purpose was explained to parents at the CCPS annual parent picnic. Parents were also encouraged to play the games at home with their children. Many teachers reported parents asking for the names of the games to purchase for their home.

    This project not only increased students’ communication and social skills but a recent survey indicated that students’ questioning, turn taking and cooperation skills have improved throughout the year due to the monthly activity. Families and community members have also enjoyed taking part in the game day activity

Board Game family picture
Board Game family picture