Career & Technical Education

  • Cullman City Schools is proud to offer CTE programs on campus at Cullman High School and Cullman Middle School, along with opportunities at the Cullman Area Technology Academy for high school students through our educational partnership with Cullman County Schools. 

    CTE programs are supported at the federal level by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which provides approximately $1.1 billion in state grants annually to serve more than 14 million students nationwide. 

    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are comprised of 11 not-for-profit organizations, specifically authorized by the U.S. Congress in the Perkins Act. 

    CTSOs align with 16 Career Clusters and 79 Career Pathways recognized by CTE. Students who participate in CTSOs demonstrate higher levels of academic engagement and motivation, civic engagement, career self-efficacy, and employability skills than other students.

    According to the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, participating in leadership and professional development activities in a CTSO raises students' educational aspirations. Students who participate in school organizations in 10th grade have higher grade point averages and are more likely to be enrolled in college at 21 than other students. 



  • You can access Career and Technical Education Student Organizations at the link below.

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CTE Coordinator - Mr. Mike Donaldson

Mr. Mike Donaldson, CTE Coordinator

CTE Staff Directory

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